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Peaky Beats Presents 

Peaky Beats Presents is a brand new mix series with the intent to promote artists & dj's we follow closely , and  believe deserve your support due to their unique sound, artistic integrity, & music community work. 


Peaky Beats Presents Amaliah

London based DJ Amaliah has gifted us all with a break electro post X-Mas mix.

Head of 'London party collective' Borne Fruits, Amaliah has been collecting a varied collection of records whilst hosting her fairs radio show at uni. Now with regular shows on Balamii & Threads she is a frequent presence in the London scnene.

Catch her Every 1st Sat 7-9pm on Balamii Radio & new show Ripe & Ready on Threads Radio.

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SC - @amaliahppeche
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Bourne Fruits 
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Peaky Beats Presents Gunfinger Food

Independent Vinyl only Record label Based in London, Gunfinger Food has cooked up an absolute monster of a mix with a variety of sounds to take you on a tasty 2 hour trip.

What Started off as a monthly radio show in July 2019 to showcase all types of broken beats and underground rave sounds has now led into establishing the brand as an independent vinyl record label following the same ethos, with 001 out and 002 almost landing.

Lots more releases lined up next year, working with new artists and existing talent.

''Taking a different approach with this mix and making it into more of a challenge for myself. Packing out a UDG bag with 50 records and mixing everything in there. Plenty of new material and some older gems, varying with electro, breakbeat, acid, dubstep, trance, techno and ukg''

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PB Presents SPIN CITY.jpg

Peaky Beats Presents Spin City (Tañ & Kimura)

Leeds based collective Spin City's Tán & Kimura have blessed us all with a post spook one hour 40 minute mix, consisting of some unreal ukg, speed garage, & 140/ Dubstep <3

Spin City formed as the result of an intoxicated conversation in Wire Club and a shared love of Garage Music. Unfortunately, COVID19 put the brakes on the events side of what we do, but we’ve still been able to connect with local DJs and producers and other crews further afield. 2020 has seen an amplified enthusiasm within the scene with Leeds, in particular, being a hotspot of talented producers. We're looking forward to being able to party again. But in the meantime, this mix is a representation of some of the music that inspires us, with a broader look into UK Club Music but still very much focused around Garage.

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Peaky Beats Presents ohmydais

Coming from a rich musical background and being exposed to a wide range of different genres growing up, Daisie's passion for music started at a young age and has helped develop her unique sound over the years.

Now based in London, she has hailed air time on Rinse FM along with some other respectable radio stations. performed at events such as Keep Hush and Das Booty, and hosts her own show on Threads.

ohmydais is someone to watch out for!

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Peaky Beats Presents Eliza Rose                        


Born and raised in Hackney, Eliza started her music career as a singer at the age of 15. Mixed with years of working in a record store she has developed her own unique style. 


Now a frequent resident in the underground music scene in London playing events and hosting regular radio shows on  Rinse FM, Rhythm Sister, Jazz Cafe, Freshly Squeezed, Balamii, & XOYO. 


Keep your eyes and ears on Eliza over the next few months with some extremely exciting projects set for release.... 


Follow and support her here.

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Peaky Beats Records is an independent vinyl only record label based in Leeds UK.

With releases spanning across the world, offering some of the most real and unique music in and around the UK.



Record Label & Clothing line.

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