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Peaky Beats Records Presents;

Peaky Beats & Breakfake


PB teams up with the dub-wise wizard and fellow Leodis dweller Breakfake for a 4-track release concluding the PBR EP series.


Starting off with a UKG steppa ‘Life in Stereo’ hard hitting drums, deep sub, with floaty chords and chops. Followed by the dark garage/ dubstep belter ‘Rat City’ making you feel like you are stuck in Silent Hill itself. The B side brings a more energetic dubstep feel with ‘Chapel Town’ named after the area in Leeds PB & Breakfake first met and is known for its Dub history. The Ep ends with ‘Dub the Acid’ a hypnotic dungeon track with deep subs and a bouncy acid to match.


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